Paul Mitchell Investment Reviews Services

Charities have differing levels of investment experience and knowledge.

I have developed an offering to reflect the fact that some charities will need less help than others. 

As an example, you may have a board with good investment knowledge and experience who have recently reviewed the risk, reserve and investment policies but are simply unhappy with your Fund Manager.  However, they have not got the time and in-depth knowledge of the market place required to manage a beauty parade.

The answer is simple: Employ PMIR to manage that process...

1) Review your current strategy

Undertake a review of your current position.  With cross reference to your Risk and Reserve policies this will include checking that your current strategy remains suitable for your needs, looking at liquidity and risk factors, investment timescales, ethical requirements, expected levels of return, yield requirements, etc.

2) Statement of investment principles

Review your SIP and helping to rewrite it if required ensuring that it is compliant with current Charity Commission guidance.

3) Review your current Investment manager

This does not always result in a change of manager but may result in a change to the way in which the portfolio is managed.  Looking at performance against your benchmark and that of other managers, making fee comparisons with other managers, assessing service levels and relationship issues etc.

4) Investigating investment options

Discuss with you the options available in the market explaining clearly what the differences are removing the jargon and reaching a conclusion as to the best way forward.

5) Arranging a beauty parade

I can assist with the identification of those Investment Managers best suited to implement your strategy and arrange for them to attend a beauty parade. With my in-depth knowledge of the capabilities of a considerable number of Investment firms I can usually select a small number to attend a beauty parade without the need to write to a long list of candidates.  This will save you time and money.

6) Attending and running the beauty parade

I can arrange and attend the beauty parade and guide you through the whole process.  

7) Transition to new investment manager

Once a new investment manager is selected I can help with the transition process

8) On-going monitoring

I offer an on-going monitoring service, for a modest annual fee, to ensure that your manager is performing in line with your expectations.