Reasons to Review

Paul Mitchell Investment Reviews Reasons to Review

The following are a few of the triggers that may result in you asking for my help. Some relate to you and others to your Investment Manager.  

1) Policies should link up

You have not recently reviewed your Risk, Reserves and Investment policies.  Things can change rapidly and these three policies need to be linked.

2) Statement of Investment Principles

Your SIP needs to be regularly reviewed to ensure that it reflects the needs of the charity and is compliant with Charity Commission guidelines.  I have seen very few in the last 30 years that are well written and avoid ambiguity.  

3) Ethical requirements

You may not be sure that your ethical stance is fully reflected in your investment portfolio. 

4) Benchmarks

You don't know what benchmark to best measure your Investment returns against. You are not sure what peer group benchmarks are or how relevant they are to your charity. Your Investment Manager tells you which benchmark to use (ask yourself is this wise?).

5) Comparing your Investment Manager with others

You don't know how to compare your Investment Manager to other Managers yet other charities you speak to seem to be achieving better returns

6) Fees, what are Investment Managers hiding?

You do not know the total cost you are paying for the management of your portfolio.  

7) I need advice

Have you asked your Investment Manager if they are registered to give advice? A number no longer give advice and this may be an issue if you do not have trustees with significant investment experience.

8) Changes at your Investment Manager

Has your Investment Manager been taken-over or your main contact left the company?This often results in unwanted change.

9) Beware the product push

Your Investment Manager has suggested switching your portfolio into a newly launched fund.

10) Consistent under-performance

When your Investment Manager has consistently under-performed the benchmark you need to take action.